Read this article to learn about the points of advantages and disadvantages of joint stock company or companies in brief: Advantages include: (i) Limited liability, (ii) Continuity of transactions, (iii) Benefits of large scale operations, (iv) Professional management, (v) Social benefits, (vi) Research & Development, (vii) Transfer of shares, (viii) Stability. Disadvantages include: (i) Formation… (0 comment)

Human Resource Management (HRM)- Objectives, Roles, and Functions
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Business Ethics- Importance | Significance | Elements | and Scope
In this article, I will explain the importance, elements, and scope of business ethics… Importance / Significance of Business Ethics- The importance of ethics in business is also known as the significance of ethics in business. It involves various points such as:- 1. Positive Prominence: Business is an earning factor which depends on the approval of… (2 comments)

What is Research- Characteristics, Importance, and Objectives
In this article, I will share the characteristics, importance, and objectives of the research… What is Research?? Research is a process through which an individual or the researcher helps to search the definite or useful information from the number of respondents to evaluate or solve the problem-related questions. In fact, research is an art of… (1 comment)

In this article, I will explain the nature, elements, features, and characteristics of business… Elements of Business- The key elements of a successful business include various points for determining the strong business model… 1. Identify your target audience: Targeting the right customers means to follow the right person for our particular product who truly need… (0 comment)

Read this article to learn about the meaning, types, objectives, and functions of warehousing… Meaning of Warehousing- What is Warehousing?? Warehousing is a place where goods and products are stored prior to it being distributed, sold or used. The act of re-position of material is called as warehousing. Through warehousing or warehouses, the businesses or… (0 comment)

Planning- Meaning|Features|Characteristics|Importance|Objectives
In this article, I will explain the meaning, features, characteristics, importance, and objectives of planning in management and in an organization. Meaning of Planning- What is Planning?? Planning is the process or function of management by which an organization can analyze or predict the business activities which are related to the object and their future… (0 comment)