Top 10 Key Features of a Sole Trader Business –
The key features of a sole trader business can be pointed as follows: Simple and Easy to form, Individual Owner, ‘ Manager and Controller, Responsible for his own liabilities, Less legal formalities, Decision-Making Power, Easy to Dissolve, Sources of Capital, Flexibility in Operations, Build relations with customers. 1. Simple and Easy to form- Easy to… (1 comment)

9 Characteristics of Sole Proprietorship Business-
The characteristics of sole proprietorship include various points to define the features of sole business. The points are:- Ownership of Business, Management, Source of Capital Funds, Liability, No sharing of Profit & Loss, Stability, Single Man Control, Provide Employment Opportunities, Minimum Legal Aspects or Formalities. 1.Ownership of Business- Ownership of a business is the first… (2 comments)

Top 10 Advantages of Sole Proprietorship –
The Advantages of Sole Proprietorship are also known as Merits of Sole Proprietorship. It includes various points for the purpose of understanding the nature of a particular business of an individual entity. A sole proprietorship is a legal form of business enterprise in which an individual regulates the business. This individual gain all the profits and… (8 comments)

8 Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorship –
The Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorship are also known as Demerits of Sole Propeietorship. It includes various drawbacks points related to the sole proprietor world… There are specific serious demerits of sole proprietorship which a sole individual trader has to observe in managing this form of business. These limitations are:- Unlimited Liability, Limited Financial Resources in… (0 comment)