In this article, I will explain the different modes of transportation and as well as their advantages or disadvantages… Transportation ensures time and place utility. It results in the movement of goods from one place to another place thus making the product available through the customer at the right time. There can be various modes of… (1 comment)

Read this article to learn about the meaning, types, objectives, and functions of warehousing… Meaning of Warehousing- What is Warehousing?? Warehousing is a place where goods and products are stored prior to it being distributed, sold or used. The act of re-position of material is called as warehousing. Through warehousing or warehouses, the businesses or… (0 comment)

Types of Salespersons/ Peoples/ Executives/ Personnel –
In this article, I will tell you the different types of salespersons/ peoples/ executives/ man/ and personnel. Salespersons are the members of sales management or an organization that helps to sell the products and services of our company to the target prospects and the customers. It includes various types such as:- Relational Executive or Salesperson… (0 comment)

Personal Selling- Meaning, Definition, Features, Importance, and Objectives
Read this article to learn about the Definition, Features, and Importance of personal selling. Meaning of Personal Selling- What is Personal Selling? Personal Selling is also known as the door to door selling which is face to face communication between the buyer and the seller. In simple words, It is an art of persuasion in… (2 comments)

14 Key Functions of Sales Management (Manager) –
The functions of sales management include various points such as:- Sales Planning, Recruitment & Selection, Training, Motivation & Remuneration, Equipping, Relationship Building, Attainment of Sales Target, Delegation, Supervising, Allotment of Sales Territories, Allocation of Sales Quotas, Sales Budget Preparation, Communication, Sales Controlling. 1.Sales Planning- Sales Planning is the first functions of sales management and it… (6 comments)