Features, Characteristics, Obstacles, and Factors of Economic Development
In this article, I will tell you about the features, characteristics, obstacles, and factors of economic development. Features / Characteristics of Economic Development Features of Economic Development Image Source: Pixabay.com The features of economic development are also known as characteristics of economic development. It includes various points such as:- 1.It is a continuous process- Economic… (0 comment)

Importance of Economic Development – Subjectquery.com
The importance of economic development is also known as the significance of economic development. So, It includes various points such as:- Availability of Better Products and Services Improvement in Infrastructural Facilities Balanced Economic Growth Improvement in the Social Services Improvement in Efficiency and Productivity Increase in National Income Proper Utilization of Resources High Degree of… (0 comment)

Economic Planning – Meaning, Features, Objectives, Importance, and Types
In this article, I will tell you the meaning, features, importance, types, and objectives of economic planning. Meaning of Economic Planning- What is Economic Planning- Economic planning is the process through which we can take the decisions of what and how it is to be produced through controlling and managing the economic activity. “Economic Planning… (0 comment)

What are the Stages of Economic Development! Explained! – Subjectquery.com
American Economist W.W. Rostow gave stages of economic development of economic growth in his famous book, “The stages of economic growth”. It includes 5 stages of economic development which are described by Rostow are as follows:- Traditional Stage, Free-Take Off Stage, Take Off Stage, Stage to Drive to Maturity, High Mass Consumption Stage. 1. Traditional… (0 comment)