Read this article to learn the (i) Nature of Marketing, (ii) Scope of Marketing, (iii) Functions of Marketing, and (iv) Importance of Marketing… Nature of Marketing This includes various related points like: 1. Marketing is a part of the total Environment: The business environment defines its threats and opportunities. A marketing system is directly related… (0 comment)

Importance of Product Life Cycle in Marketing –
Importance of product life cycle in business includes various points to determine the marketing strategies related to the particular product. The Importance are:- It works as a forecasting tool, It works as a planning tool, It works as a control tool, It provides for marketing programs, It provides an estimate for profits, It helps in… (10 comments)

What is Product Life Cycle Marketing Strategies-
Product Life Cycle Marketing Strategies include 5 stages for determining the market approach towards the life cycle of a particular product:- The marketing strategies during product life cycle are:- Marketing Strategy for Introductory Stage, Marketing Strategy for Growth Stage, Marketing Strategy for Maturity Stage, Marketing Strategy for Saturation Stage, Marketing Strategy for Decline Stage, Marketing… (1 comment)