Types of Salespersons/ Peoples/ Executives/ Personnel – Subjectquery.com

Types of Salespersons/ Peoples/ Executives/ Personnel – Subjectquery.com
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In this article, I will tell you the different types of salespersons/ peoples/ executives/ man/ and personnel.

Salespersons are the members of sales management or an organization that helps to sell the products and services of our company to the target prospects and the customers. It includes various types such as:-

  1. Relational Executive or Salesperson
  2. Loan Wolfs or Rule Breakers
  3. Door to Door
  4. Missionary Salesperson
  5. Service Salesman
  6. Problem Solvers
  7. Consultants Executive
  8. Industry Salesperson
  9. Closers
  10. Pre-sales Executive
  11. Exporters Salesman
  12. Challengers

1.Relational Executive or Salesperson-

This is the first types of salespersons and it means that there are three types of sales executives maintain a relationship with the customers so that profits to the company can be maximized and more sales can be generated.

This salesperson totally focuses on to build a relationship with the various prospects and target customers because it helps to increase the sales volume of a particular product or service. This relational salesperson is also known as farmers. For Example– Relationship executives in banks.

2. Lone Wolves or Rule Breakers-

This is the second types of salespersons and it means that these are passionate type sales peoples who have tremendous knowledge of sales and they act independently to gain revenue and sell the products. These salespersons are very specialized in our working field and they are also called lone wolves.

These sales executives are very conscious about the sales target and their achievements because they have full or independent rights to sell the products in a particular market.

3. Door to Door-

This is the third type and it means that these are the sales personnel who are involved in personal selling and have face to face interaction with the buyers. They have an art of persuasion.

In this point, the sales persons adopt face to face interaction, prepare two- way dialogue, immediate feedback, and also flexibility. For Example– Sales persons selling vacuum cleaners.

4. Missionary Sales Persons-

This is the fourth type and it means that these salespersons are on the mission to build new customers to target new sales territories. These are responsible for client acquisition. They are also called as hunters.

However, building a new customer series for any salesperson is a very difficult task but a missionary sales executive works only to build a customer and convert it into sales territories, so that is the reason it is known as a hunter.

5. Service Salesman-

This is the fifth types of salespersons and it means that these are the sales peoples who are involved in the selling of services that is intangible items. They focus on the tangible benefits that are physical evidence to satisfy the customers.

They also have very good communication skill so that they can easily persuade customers.

6. Problem Solvers-

This is the sixth types of salespersons and it means that these kinds of sales personnel or executives act as problem solvers and try to provide solutions to the problem of the customers resulting in customer satisfaction.

It is believed that if you sell a product to a customer, then he/she will not buy it soon but if you sell a solution of a problem to a particular customer, then he/she will definitely buy that product or service.

7. Consultants Executives-

This is the seventh type and it means that these are the extended version of problem solvers. They provide consultancy and believe in ‘Win-Win‘ philosophy after getting the consultancy customer is satisfied while on the other hand, the selling consultants attain the profits through the sales of a particular product.

This sales executive also works as personal selling and also work to achieve the trust of the customers.

8. Industry Salespersons-

This is the eighth types of salespersons and it means that these kinds of sales executives facilitate business to business selling that assist or help in the production of other goods and services such salespeople have technical knowledge of the product and good knowledge of the industry.

In this type, the industry produces raw materials or semi-finished goods for the next business or manufacturing units because these types of units help to transfer the semi-finished goods into finished goods.

9. Closer-

This is the ninth type and it means that these are the salespersons who focused on closing or ending of sales so that the payment can be received from the consumers. To execute this type of sale, a salesperson should have proper knowledge of that product and he will have t become a converter in some way.

In this method, the salesperson makes an offer that includes special benefits for a special purchase. For Example– This is the last product at this price.

10. Pre-sales Executives-

This is the tenth types of salespersons and it means that these salespersons or executives are the sales peoples who have the technical type of mind and mental intelligence or acumen who can assist the customers before purchasing some technical products.

A technical product includes various types of features, uses, specifications, pros, cons and another type of benefits and this is the reason that a technical product takes some time to understand a customer and this one activity makes these sales more difficult.

11. Exporters Salesman-

This is the eleventh type and it means that these are the sales executives who are involved in exporting, importing and have profound the knowledge of international sales operations. In this, the salesperson transfer or export our products and services from one country to another country.

12. Challengers-

This is the twelfth type and it means that these are dynamic salespersons who can adapt themselves according to changes in sales situations and can push customers thinking in the purchase decision. In this, a salesman keeps changing his behavior from time to time and according to their customer also.

So, these are the different or various types of salespersons in an particular organization.

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