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Types of Motives – Subjectquery.com
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In this specific article, I will explain to you the different types of motives.

Motives are the reason while the consumer is following a particular brand or product. In simple words, the motives define the main reason towards a particular product, brand, services, and anything which are related to real life. So, it includes two major types such as:-

  1. Product Motives.

  • Emotional Product Motives
  • Rational Product Motives
  • Operational Product Motives
  • Socio-psychological Product Motives

2. Patronage Motives.

  • Emotional Patronage Motives
  • Rational Patronage Motives

1.Product Motives-

This is the first types of motives and it means that these are the motives associated or related with the product because it has various features, specifications, benefits, offers, and other things so that the consumer affected the behavior towards the particular product. It can be classified into four categories:-

(A) Emotional Product Motives-

According to these motives, a consumer buys the products because they are emotionally attached to the particular product. In this, the consumer thinks emotionally not rationally (rationally means through mind, not emotions). For Example– Cadburys which signifies joy, happiness, affection, and so on.

(B) Rational Product Motives-

These types of motives explain that consumer favors the product because of rational thinking involved in the purchase decision. In this, the consumer thinks rationally not emotionally. For Example– purchase of Lloyd ACs because of less power consumption.

(C) Operational Product Motives-

In such kind of motives, the consumer buys the products due to the characteristics, features, benefits, and functions associated with a particular product. For Example– Consumer favors Hero bikes due to good mileage, affordable price, and less maintenance.

(D) Socio-psychological Motives-

To these motives, a consumer buys those products which differentiate the consumer status from the others. Such products form a basis of status quo or prestige association with a particular product. For Example– Consumer buys Rolex watches since these are very expensive and these can reflect the status quo.

2. Patronage Motives-

These types of motives are the motives which represent the consumer support towards a particular brand or company. These are classified into two categories-

(A) Emotional Patronage Motives-

In this kind of motive to consumer give support to the product or the company due to the emotional attachment with the particular brand. Through this motive, the company receives a huge benefit because these types of customers are very conscious of their feelings, emotions, and attachment.

For Example– A Nestle Maggie was banned in India then the majority of the population of India came in favor of Maggie and they were able to save guard their image or brand value against the allegation of adulteration, and so on.

(B) Rational Patronage Motives-

Rational Patronage Motives signifies the support of the customers towards the particular brand due to outstanding or extra premium benefits attributes and service provided by the company to the customers. For Example– A customer pay patronage to Maruti since it provides existence after sales service, value-added service to the customers.

So, these are the basic types of motives.

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