Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertising-
Read this article to understand the topic of the advantages of disadvantages of advertising in brief… Advantages / Merits of Advertising The advantages of advertising are also known as the merits of advertising. It includes various points like: The benefits explained by advertising are numerous. It is one of the most essential components of the… (0 comment)

Meaning, Importance, Types, Structure, and Functions of Advertising Agency
In this advertising agency topic, I will tell you the proper explanation about the meaning, importance, types, structure, and functions of advertising agency. So, let’s take a move- Meaning of Advertising Agency- What is an Advertising Agency?? An advertising agency is also known as a creative agency and it is a business which helps in… (0 comment)

Classification of Advertising or Advertisement –
In advertising management, there are different types of classification of advertising or advertisement. It includes 5 major points for explaining the classification and its classified as:- On the Basis of Geographical Spread, On the Basis of Target Audience or Market, On the Basis of Media, On the Basis of Purpose, On the Basis of Actions.… (5 comments)