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Employee Selection Process or Steps – Subjectquery.com

Employee Selection Process or Steps – Subjectquery.com
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The selection process or process of selection of employees involves the following steps like:-

Meaning of Selection Process-

What is the Selection process??

Selection is a process or procedure by which the company or an organization recruit or select the people for a specific post or job which is situated in an organization or company. The company provides better placement opportunity to the individuals according to their skills and talent.

In other words, Selection refers to appointing the most perfect candidate for the particular post. It matches job specifications like skills, knowledge, talents with job description (requirements and skills) and selects the most appropriate individual for the job.

Steps of Selection Process-

The process of selection involves the following steps like:-

1.Job Specification-

In this first step, it helps to describe the job in terms of specialization, knowledge, and experience required of individuals who will be applicable for a particular job. It also helps in screening or evaluating applicants found appropriate in meeting the job standards.

This step is to work as a negative process of screening applicants, job specification sets standards of applicants which will be considered for the further selection process.

2. Application Form-

In this step, the number of candidates fills the application form which contains full proof information about a candidate’s qualification, age, experience, achievements, skills, and so on. It also involves personal details like nationality and others.

This application form provides written information about the candidate’s profile. It also indicates the post for which an individual applied for them. It also helps to screen or evaluate the candidates and ask them queries related to their professional job profile.

It includes various functions related to them:-

  • It indicates the applicant’s desire,
  • It helps to ask questions related to his/her professional job profile,
  • In case, if the employee is selected, the application form acts as a record profile for a company.

3. Preliminary Interview-

After checking or evaluating the applicant forms, manager or head department calls the selected candidates for a first or preliminary interview. It indicates the brief interaction between interviewer and candidates where an interviewer asks questions like candidate expectations from the job, about yourself, expected salary, and so on.

It provides a total overview of the candidate’s profile (i.e., physical and mental desire to work on a particular job and whether he will fit into the culture of the organization. So, this step provides suitable criteria for switching on another next selection process or steps.

4. Work-Related Tests-

After evaluating the candidates through a preliminary interview, they go through a written test. These tests help to find out the skills and aptitude skills of an individual. Therefore, an organization will judge an individual through employment tests and choose a perfect candidate for the next step of selection.

This step helps the company to remove all other job applicants.

5. Cross Checking-

After clearing pre-tests, interviewer verifies candidates professional background or situation by cross-checking. Interview ask the candidate to give the list of persons who can be contacted to take information about his/her character.

It verifies the information given by the interviewee is true or false. The list of persons is also known as referees, who know the candidate or interviewee.

6. Interview-

After receiving perfect or positive feedback from cross-checking information about suitability for the job, is organized with the candidates. An interview is a process where an interviewer and interviewee do face to face communication or interaction where the interviewer gets to know the candidate’s personality, knowledge, skills, and performance of the job.

In this selection process step, the manager gives the full outcome or overview of the organization and expect the candidates to give them a complete profile outlet me too.

7. Medical Test or Examination-

After the process of the interview, the interviewee goes for medical examination to ensure that they are mentally or physically fit to perform the job for they are placed or selected.

8. Employment Decision-

After the successful medical test or exam, the managers indicates their motives or intentions to offer jobs placement to various candidates. However, candidates also indicate their intention to join or not join the job placement.

9. Job offer-

After the acceptance of the job by an employee, the company is offered the appointment letter. The letter includes various things like salary, working hours, post, retirement benefits, leave benefits, and so on.

The steps taken in the selection process may not be necessary for all type of job selection procedures.

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