10 Importance of Communication in Business Organization
Read this article to learn about the importance of communication in business management or an organization… A famous writer says, “Communication is a primary step for an organization. With the process of communication, there can be no business activity. If there is no communication then it will be very difficult for a superior or employee… (0 comment)

Read this article to understand the topic of (i) Meaning of Performance Appraisal, (ii) Objectives of Performance Appraisal, (iii) Importance of Performance Appraisal, (iv) Methods of Performance Appraisal and (v) Process of Performance Appraisal… Meaning of Performance Appraisal What is Performance Appraisal?? Appraisal means estimation about the worth of the person or an object and performance appraisal means the evaluation of… (0 comment)

Communication Networks: 5 Types of Communication Networks
Read this article to understand the topic of communication networks or network of communication in an organization (with diagram)… Communication Networks Organizational members connect into a various number of groups and as members of the group, they interact with each other in a specific manner. The path along which they interact is called the communication… (0 comment)

Management Principles-14 Principles of Management (Henri Fayol Notes)
Read this article to learn about the 14 basic principles of management or management principles which are given by famous management writer Henri Fayol… Principles of Management This includes 14 fayol’s principles like: Principle of Division of Work. Principle of Authority and Responsibility. Principle of Discipline. Principle of Unity of Command. Unity of Direction. Subordination… (0 comment)

Communication Barriers: 3 Types of Barriers to Effective Communication
Read this article to understand the topic of communication barriers or barriers to communication in management or an organization… What are Communication Barriers? The barriers to communication are factors that block the effectiveness of communication. They result in a mismatch between understanding of the information by the sender or the receiver. These barriers are easily… (0 comment)

Motivation Theories: Top 4 Theories of Motivation in Management
Read this article to learn about the different theories of motivation in management or an organization like need or content theory, cognitive theory, reinforcement theory, and behavioral theory… The motivational theories are very different from the perspective of human beings and their behaviors. Humans have different perceptions and needs about how they will satisfy those… (0 comment)

Sources of Recruitment- Internal and External Sources of Recruitment
Read this article to learn about the sources of recruitment (Internal and External sources of recruitment)… Sources of Recruitment- Recruitment is the process of creating a pool of qualified candidate who can apply for the job in an organization or the company. It follows the procedure of HR planning and goes hand in hand with… (1 comment)

Employee Selection Process or Steps – Subjectquery.com
The selection process or process of selection of employees involves the following steps like:- Meaning of Selection Process- What is the Selection process?? Selection is a process or procedure by which the company or an organization recruit or select the people for a specific post or job which is situated in an organization or company.… (0 comment)

Planning- Meaning|Features|Characteristics|Importance|Objectives
In this article, I will explain the meaning, features, characteristics, importance, and objectives of planning in management and in an organization. Meaning of Planning- What is Planning?? Planning is the process or function of management by which an organization can analyze or predict the business activities which are related to the object and their future… (0 comment)