What is Research- Characteristics, Importance, and Objectives

What is Research- Characteristics, Importance, and Objectives
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In this article, I will share the characteristics, importance, and objectives of the research…

What is Research??

Research is a process through which an individual or the researcher helps to search the definite or useful information from the number of respondents to evaluate or solve the problem-related questions. In fact, research is an art of scientific investigation or technique.

In other words, some people say that research is a systematized effort to gain knowledge and it is a process of collecting, evaluating, and interpreting information to answer questions.

Characteristics of Research:

The characteristics of research include various points such as:-

1. Research should be controlled-

It should be controlled because of the relation between two or more variables are affected by each other (whether it is internal or external). If the research is not controllable, then it will not be able to design a particular research report.

2. Research should be rigorous-

It should be rigorous because it helps to follow the procedures to find out the answers related questions which are relevant and appropriate in nature. The research information consists of two types of sciences such as physical and social sciences. These two sciences are also varied from each other.

3. Research should be systematic-

Research should be systematic because if a researcher wants to do a perfect research design or process then it will have to evaluate or obtained the necessary information from the market in a systematic manner. It takes various steps to do a perfect or systematic research process and all the steps of procedures are interlinked to each other.

4. Research should be valid-

It means the information which is collected by the researcher can be the correct and verifiable by yourself (i.e,  researcher himself). If our collected information is fair or valid, then our research will also be ethical in nature.

5. Research should be empirical-

This means that any conclusion drawn is totally based upon ethical or hard evidence gathered information collected from observations and real-life experiences.

6. The foundation of knowledge-

Research is the foundation of knowledge for the purpose of knowledge and an important source for providing guidelines or norms for solving different social, business, or governmental problems. It is a variety of formal training which enables us to understand the new developments in one’s field in an efficient way.

 Importance or Objectives of the Research:

Importance or Objectives of the Research
Importance or Objectives of the Research

Research objectives help to identify the full purpose or attention of your research with the type of basic questions that will be noted. Explaining your research objectives means explaining what do I need to investigate and evaluate. The importance of research is also known as the objectives of the research. It includes various points such as:-

[Q. What are the objectives of the research and What is the importance of research??]…

1. To find out the real facts-

As we know, every type of research has its own object but the basic aim of the research is always to find out or obtained the information from the markets and societies and their number of respondents. A researcher evaluates or finds the real or exact information for our problem-related questions.

2. To achieve the new thoughts-

In this objective of the research, anybody can find new thoughts from the research. Research is the process of finding the exact information through proper observation, optimization, and experiments.

These are the scientific methods to find out or evaluate the information which is very necessary for evaluating the problem task.

3. To evaluate the information-

The first aim of the research is to find out the information and then evaluate them in an appropriate or efficient manner so that they can easily design the research problem and solve them also.

A researcher evaluates the information through various scientific approaches and methods, statistical analysis and procedures, and another type of tables and graphs.

4. To test a hypothesis-

In this objective of the research, the researcher does the causal relationship between the variables (it can also be said that the hypothesis testing research studies). The hypothesis testing study represents the number of actions like these terms:

(a) Making a formal statement,

(b) Selecting a significance level,

(c) Deciding the distribution use,

(d) Selecting a random sample and computing an appropriate value,

(e) Calculation of the probability,

(f) Comparing the probability.

5. To design or implement the research-

After the collection of all information, the researcher prepares the structure of a research design for the company so that they can easily describe or identify the structure of a particular research theme. The research designs can be broadcasted into two forms such as experimental designs and non-experimental designs.

After the structure of the research design, the researcher implements them in a problem and find out the optimum factor to solve them.

6. To improve the understanding-

In this objectives of the research, the researcher helps to improve the understanding of a particular topic by asking what else needs to be evidenced before the research is purposeful, or what knowledge could be assembled from a more focused investigation, or scrutiny of the existing findings.

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