Motivation Theories: Top 4 Theories of Motivation in Management
Read this article to learn about the different theories of motivation in management or an organization like need or content theory, cognitive theory, reinforcement theory, and behavioral theory… The motivational theories are very different from the perspective of human beings and their behaviors. Humans have different perceptions and needs about how they will satisfy those… (0 comment)

Family- Features, Characteristics, Forms, Types-
This article is related to the topic of features, characteristics, forms, and types of family… Features / Characteristics of Family The features of the family are also known as the characteristics of the family. It includes various points such as:- 1. Universality: The family is a universal institution for some basic reasons: (i) Family is… (0 comment)

Basic Concepts and Methods of Measurement of National Income
Read this specific article to learn about the concepts and measurement of national income… Basic concepts of National Income The various concepts of national income are categorized into different aspects: (i) Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (ii) Gross National Product (GNP) (iii) Net National Product (NNP) (iv) Net Domestic Product (NDP) (v) Per Capita Income (PCI)… (0 comment)

Read this article to learn about the Importance (why statistics are important) and Limitations of Statistics… Importance of Statistics Importance of statistics can be classified into different fields such as:- 1. Importance of Statistic in Economics: The contribution of statistics to the field of economics is commendable. Nowadays, solving any financial problem is not possible… (0 comment)

Read this article to understand the scope and nature of statistics… Scope of Statistics The following things are included under the statistics area:- Subject Matter of Statistics Nature of Statistics Limitations of Statistics. 1. Subject Matter of Statistics: The subject matter of the statistics can be divided into two parts:- (i) Statistical Methods: Data are… (0 comment)

Read this article to learn about the various functions of RBI (Reserve bank of India) in a detailed and pointwise manner… In India, the reserve bank does not only have to do traditional work of the central bank but due to India being rudimentary country, the development work of that country also has to be… (0 comment)

13 Essential Characteristics of Partnership Firm or Business-
This article helps you to explain the characteristics of partnership firm… Partnership firm includes various characteristics like (i) Number of members or partners, (ii) Contractual relationship, (iii) Competence of partners, (iv) Profit Motive, (v) Sharing of profit & loss, (vi) Voluntary registration, (vii) Principal-Agent relationship, (viii) Transfer of Interest, (ix) Legal status, (x) Unlimited liability,… (0 comment)