10 Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorship Business – Subjectquery.com
The Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorship are also known as Demerits of Sole Proprietorship. It includes various drawbacks points related to the sole proprietor world… There are specific serious demerits of sole proprietorship which a sole individual trader has to observe in managing this form of business. These limitations are:- Unlimited Liability, Limited Financial Resources in… (2 comments)

Introduction, Stages, and Conclusion of Formation of a Company
The formation of a company is a very broader concept. The process and legal formalities for establishing a particular company in own or another country are passed from different stages. The stages and formation of company notes are:- Promotion stage of company formation, Registration or Incorporation stage of company formation, Capital Subscription stage of company… (2 comments)

What is Product Life Cycle Marketing Strategies- Subjectquery.com
Product Life Cycle Marketing Strategies include 5 stages for determining the market approach towards the life cycle of a particular product:- The marketing strategies during product life cycle are:- Marketing Strategy for Introductory Stage, Marketing Strategy for Growth Stage, Marketing Strategy for Maturity Stage, Marketing Strategy for Saturation Stage, Marketing Strategy for Decline Stage, Marketing… (1 comment)

What is Consumer Research Process in Consumer Behaviour ( 7 Steps )
Consumer Research Process is the type of basic research conducted to know the tastes and preferences of the customers so that the company can market the products according to their changing tastes and preferences. So, The Consumer Research Process Notes includes various Steps like:- Identification or Formulation of problems or opportunities, Establishing the Design for Market Research,… (4 comments)

8 Major Scope of Financial Management – Subjectquery.com
The Scope of Financial Management Notes includes various points like:- Financial Planning, Securing Capital Funds, Financial Supervision, Financial Control, Financial Decisions, Preparation of Annual Financial Statements, Estimation of Financial Performance, Evaluating the Impact of New Financing, Miscellaneous Functions. 1. Financial Planning- This is the primary scope of financial management and it means planning is the… (2 comments)